Real Estate Requalification

  • Due Diligence – Real Estate
  • Urban trasformation allowed
  • Ascertaing of building legitimacy
  • Design and presentation of master plans
  • Building Energy retrofit
  • Research and benchmarking

Urban planning

  • Urban analysis and planning
  • Piani di lottizzazione
  • Zoning
  • Housing

Project Management

  • Planning And Project Control
  • ProgramTiming
  • Determination and cost control
  • Determination of quality standards

Design project

  • Administrative support for planning applications, including on listed buildings and building site authorizations.
  • Architectural Design
  • Executive Design aimed at the tendering process or breaking ground
  • Bioclimatic Design
  • Systems Design
  • Interior Design
  • Sound Insulation room design
  • Metric computation and estimation
  • Energy Certification
  • AgibilitĂ 
  • Valutazione clima acustico

Building Site Management

  • Construction Managment
  • Statutory Health and Safety Coordination during Planning and Execution
  • Testing and final delivery

Health and Safety Management

  • Fire detection
  • Health and safety manager