ARKem Architecture & Urban Planning is able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers by providing these services:

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: an intention with a plan
    Our Project Management model comes from more than twenty years of experience in Design, in coordination between the various actors, in Construction Management and Safety on construction sites, in the complete authorization process.

  • Sharing vision and goal of our Clients

  • Planning the necessary steps to achieve the desired result.

  • Monitoring compliance with the timing of the design phases, bureaucratic authorization, and the established budget.

  • Coordinating the planning and the bureaucratic process in compliance with the
    Client vision.

  • Start the construction phase by constantly monitoring compliance with the project and the construction standard, with established costs and times with flexible intervention strategies depending on the situation.

  • Completion of the implementation phase - goal achieved!

  • Technical-real estate due diligence

  • Urban transformations allowed.

  • Verify building consistency legitimacy.

  • Master Plan Development.

  • Energy retrofit of buildings.

  • Research and benchmarking of sustainable materials and technologies.

  • Architectural design.

  • Executive design aimed at tenders and construction sites.

  • Bioclimatic design.

  • Plant design.

  • Bills of quantities and estimates.

  • Energy certification.

  • Application for planning permission.

  • Practicability.

  • Acoustic climate evaluation.

  • Authorization practices such as PdC, SCIA, CILA.

  • Authorization procedures at the State and Municipal Superintendence.

  • Landscape authorizations.

  • Practicability.

  • Stacking.

  • Authorization procedures for structural works.

  • Enea procedures.


  • Building Site Supervision

  • Testing in progress.

  • Testing at the end of the works.

  • Site Manager.

  • Safety coordination in the design phase.

  • Safety coordination during the execution phase.

  • Training art. 36 37

  • Urban planning feasibility.

  • Development plan.

  • Recovery plans.

  • Implementation of sectors.

  • Integrated programs.

  • Implementation through program agreement.

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